Adult Classes

We return to classes after Lockdown #2 from Thursday 3rd December – see below for dates for each class.

Our Covid Secure timetable has been prepared based on the guidelines that we understand will be in place at that time. Class places will be limited and will need to be booked and paid for in advance. We are offering priority booking to current students.  The timetable will, obviously, be subject to change as the government and industry guidelines are published and amended, and if Milton Keynes moves into a different Tier.

Ashworth & Stratford are the ballrooms in our main dance centre in New Bradwell. Please see our Covid Secure Guidelines for details of the entrances and exits you should use for your classes.

Our Covid Secure Guidelines can be found here:

Please email us ( if you would like to request class places.

Absolute Beginners Courses: Ballroom, Latin & Jive (Rock ‘n’ Roll)

We hope to run some new Covid-Secure Absolute Beginners Courses in 2021 – watch this space for details.

Ballroom and Latin

Ballroom and Latin are a wonderful set of partner dances for everyone to enjoy.  Why watch Strictly Come Dancing wishing you could do that, when you can?  We teach all the favourites from the romantic waltz and rumba, through the energetic quickstep, jive, cha cha cha and samba to the elegant foxtrot and haughty tango.  Our classes for adults also include some sequence dances to ensure all round competent social dancing.

December Class Times

Tuesday (8th & 15th) 7.15-8.15pm – Chris – Stratford
Tuesday (8th & 15th) 7.30-8.30pm – Laura – Ashworth
Friday (11th & 18th) 7.00-8.00pm – Hannah – Stratford

Each class £36 per couple for both lessons in December

Friday (11th & 18th) 8.10-9.40pm – Debbie – Ashworth

£40 per couple for both lessons in December

Rock ‘n’ Roll / Jive

Is it really possible to have this much fun whilst getting a full body work out?  This ever popular jive is enormous fun, great exercise and a wonderful social skill danced to fabulous music.  We are very proud of our Rock ‘n’ Rollers and boast national champions amongst our students – but even they had to start at the beginning . . .

December Class Times

Wednesday (9th & 16th) 7.15-8.00pm – Debbie – Ashworth
Wednesday (9th & 16th) 8.10-8.55pm – Debbie – Ashworth
Thursday (10th & 17th) 1.30-2.15pm – Debbie – Ashworth
Friday (11th & 18th) 7.15-8.00pm – Debbie – Ashworth

Each class £32 per couple for both lessons in December

Strolls Class: Thursday 12:45-1:30pm – Debbie – Ashworth: £7 per person per class

Freestyle Disco

A glorious phoenix from the ashes of Saturday Night Fever, freestyle disco has come a long way.  High energy, big attitude and a touch of glitz are all that’s needed to enjoy this dance. This class is aimed at those who have freestyle disco dancing in their past and want to get back to it for fun and fitness.

December Class Times

Thursday (3rd, 10th & 17th) 8.00-8.45pm – Laura – Ashworth

£15 per person for all 3 lessons in December

Line Dancing

Sociable, fun dances of choreographed and repeated sequences.  Dancers perform the same steps together, but individually with no physical contact.  It has its roots in country and western, but can be danced to many types of music.

These classes will not restart until the new year.
Current Students: If you are not on Peggy’s phone tree then please send us an email at with the subject “Line Dancing” together with your phone number so that Peggy can keep you up to date.

Zumba at MKDC

Shrink everything but your smile.

Let the music free your body. The ultimate dance fitness party will groove you into shape. Open to all levels from age 14 upwards.

December Class Times

Tuesday (8th & 15th) 6.15-7.15pm – Amy – Stratford

£10 per person for both lessons in December

Learning Difficulties

A fun filled class which is inclusive to all needs and abilities. Not only offering health and fitness benefits, this class also promotes confidence and helps to build friendships. Always a great atmosphere with easy to follow, fun filled dances for all to enjoy!

These classes remain closed due to Covid-19. Please email, message or phone us for details of when they will return.