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Start of a busy March for our Comp Squad at Spelthorne

It was lovely to attend such a well organised and smoothly run red carpet competition in Spelthorne at the beginning of a busy month for us.

Well done to all the dancers for working hard all day, and particularly to Alice for finally losing her last Beginner life in Solos before moving up to O16s!

Rock ‘n’ Roll

Under 8

4th Summer Willis & Tegan Bibby


Under 10

3rd Lillie Collins & Eva Mayer-Benson

6th Evie Dowse & Cora Purcell

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Under 12

1st Rosie Owen & Peter Grange

2nd Paige McDermid & Oliver Cahill-Shaw

3rd Molly-May Baker & Eliza Curwood

6th Isla Roberts & Bethan Cursley

IMG_1480 IMG_1484

 Under 14

2nd Pedro Gieseke & Katie Odds


 Under 16

1st Ella Carr & Ryder Gronneberg

2nd Georgia Marsh & Alice Wheeler

3rd Polly Owen & Rudolf Gieseke

6th Tilly Benson & Charlotte Belton

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Imperial Rock ‘n’ Roll Champions 2019

The Winners of each section then competed against each other in the Imperial Championship


3rd Ella Carr & Ryder Gronneberg

5th Rosie Owen & Peter Grange


Under 12 Starters

5th Eliza Curwood

6th Katie Odds


Under 14 Beginners

4th Yasmin Croft

5th Pedro Gieseke

6th Gracie-Brooke Neil


Under 16 Beginners

1st Alice Wheeler – lost 3rd life & now a Starter

Version 2

3rd Caitlin Curtis

4th Nathan Eldridge

5th Cyrah Neil

6th Paisley Brown


Under 16 Starters

2nd Tilly Benson

3rd Jorja Brookes

5th Charlotte Belton

IMG_1514 IMG_1999

Under 16 Champ

2nd Georgia Marsh



Under 12 Beginners

2nd Emily White – lost a life

3rd Olivia Reynolds – lost 3rd life & now a Starter


Under 12 Starters

3rd Bethan Cursley

5th Katie Odds

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Under 12 Inters

5th Molly-May Baker


Under 14 Beginners

3rd Summer Purcell

5th Pedro Gieseke

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Under 14 Starters

2nd Ella Carr

4th Yasmin Croft

IMG_1535 IMG_1536

Under 16 Beginners

2nd Amy Smith

3rd Cyrah Neil

5th Nathan Eldridge

6th Paisley Brown

IMG_1527 IMG_1529

Under 16 Starters

3rd Tilly Benson

4th Maddie Lewis


Under 16 Inters

5th Georgia Marsh

7th Charlotte Belton

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Under 8 Beginners

3rd Tegan Bibby & Summer Willis


Under 12 Beginners

4th Abbie Peach & Amelie Adams


Under 12 Inters

2nd Paige McDermid & Katie Odds

5th Isla Roberts & Molly-May Baker

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Under 12 Champs

4th Eliza Curwood & Bethan Cursley


Under 14 & Under 16 Beginners

2nd Nathan Eldridge & Cyrah Neil

5th Gracie-Brooke Neil & Olivia Reynolds

IMG_1566 IMG_1580

Under 16 Inters

1st Charlotte Belton & Amy Smith

3rd Tilly Benson & Yasmin Croft

4th Caitlin Curtis & Alice Wheeler

IMG_1596 IMG_1601 IMG_1600

Under 16 Champs

2nd Ella Carr & Georgia Marsh

5th Jorja Brookes & Maddie Lewis

IMG_1609 IMG_1610