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Successful first outing for our teams at Open Comp in Sudbury


We had a super successful day at our first Open Competition of the year in Sudbury on Sunday 17th March.

It was great to see both our teams on the comp floor for the first time and we were really pleased with their performances – keep up the good work everyone!

With four of our dancers competing in the Dancer of the Year 2019 competition it was great to see (and hear) our whole squad supporting them and cheering them on during their Solo Spots – well done to you all for your brilliant dancing!

Dancer of the Year 2019

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Well done to Molly-May Baker, Sam Gardner, Charlotte Belton and Maddie Lewis who all qualified for the Dancer of the Year 2019 final in 2018 and all danced their Solo Spots brilliantly.  The Competition is split into Under 14 and Over 14 categories and a Winner and Runner Up is awarded in each age category.

Under 14 Runner Up

Molly-May Baker


Dancer of the Year 2020

Well done to all our qualifiers and reserves for the 2020 competition

Qualifiers for 2020 Dancer of the Year Competition

Version 2 Version 2 Version 2

   Eva Mayer-Benson             Jess White                 Amy Smith

Reserves for 2020 Dancer of the Year Competition

Version 2 Version 2 Version 2 Version 3

 Molly-May Baker          Isla Roberts                   Ella Carr            Maddie Lewis


Under 8 Beginners

2nd Summer Willis & Tegan Bibby


Under 10 Beginners

2nd Cora Purcell & Lillie Collins

3rd Evie Dowse & Eva Mayer-Benson


Under 12 Beginners

4th Abbie Peach & Amelie Adams


Under 16 Beginners

4th Nathan Eldridge & Cyrah Neil


Under 12 Starter/Open

1st Molly-May Baker & Isla Roberts


3rd Bethan Cursley & Eliza Curwood

4th Katie Odds & Paige McDermid

6th Rosie Owen & Sam Gardner

IMG_1865 IMG_1863

Under 14 Starter/Open

1st Pedro Gieseke & Jess White


4th Olivia Reynolds & Gracie-Brooke Neil

5th Emily White & Jenna Chambers

7th Olivia Shirley & Summer Purcell

IMG_1869 IMG_1867

Under 16 Starter/Open

2nd Charlotte Belton & Amy Smith

3rd Maddie Lewis & Jorja Brookes

4th Ella Carr & Georgia Marsh


Youth Starter/Open

2nd Caitlin Curtis & Alice Wheeler



Under 6 Beginners

2nd Jacob Christie


Under 8 Beginners

3rd Summer Willis

5th Tegan Bibby

IMG_1888 IMG_1886

Under 12 Beginners

4th Abbie Peach


Under 10 Starters

1st Eva Mayer-Benson


4th Evie Dowse

5th Cora Purcell

6th Lillie Collins


Under 12 Starters

2nd Isla Roberts

3rd Katie Odds

4th Sam Gardner

6th Bethan Cursley

IMG_1895 IMG_1897

Under 14 Starters

1st Jess White


4th Pedro Gieseke

5th Yasmin Croft

6th Summer Purcell


Under 16 Starters

1st Amy Smith


2nd Maddie Lewis

6th Jorja Brookes

IMG_1904 IMG_1901

Youth Starters

4th Alice Wheeler


Under 12 Open

2nd Molly-May Baker


Under 16 Open

2nd Ella Carr

5th Charlotte Belton

6th Caitlin Curtis

IMG_1909 IMG_1910


Under 16 Starter/Open

1st Amazon


Youth Starter/Open

2nd Atlantis


Rock ‘n’ Roll

 Under 8

1st Summer Willis & Tegan Bibby


Under 10

3rd Evie Dowse & Cora Purcell

5th Eva Mayer-Benson & Lillie Collins

IMG_1932 IMG_1931

Under 12

1st Eliza Curwood & Molly-May Baker

2nd Oliver Cahill-Shaw & Paige McDermid

3rd Isla Roberts & Bethan Cursley

5th Rosie Owen & Peter Grange

IMG_1934 IMG_1933

Under 14

1st Sam Gardner & Jess White

2nd Katie Odds & Pedro Gieseke

4th Gracie-Brooke Neil & Olivia Cooke

5th Olivia Shirley & Jenna Chambers

IMG_1941 IMG_1940 IMG_1939

Under 16

1st Ella Carr & Ryder Gronneberg

2nd Charlotte Belton & Tilly Benson

5th Polly Owen & Rudolf Gieseke

7th Maddie Lewis & Amy Smith

IMG_1947 IMG_1945 IMG_1944


1st Alice Wheeler & Georgia Marsh



8 & Under

2nd Eva Mayer-Benson, Evie Dowse & Cora Purcell

4th Jacob Christie, Tegan Bibby & Summer Willis

IMG_1961 IMG_1960

11 & Under

2nd Bethan Cursley, Emily White & Katie Odds

4th Isla Roberts, Molly-May Baker & Eliza Curwood

IMG_1964 IMG_1963

14 & Under

3rd Caitlin Curtis, Charlotte Belton & Tilly Benson

4th Pedro Gieseke, Yasmin Croft & Jess White

IMG_1969 IMG_1968

15 & Over

2nd Georgia Marsh, Maddie Lewis & Ella Carr

3rd Alice Wheeler, Amy Smith & Jorja Brookes

IMG_1974 IMG_1972